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4  本刊摘要

          The power of the law
          Fighting against the epidemic by law is an important assurance for the victory
          It is a basic bottom line for the epidemic prevention and control by law, and the epidemic is also a
          test paper for the rule of laws in China. Overall, the current work of epidemic prevention and con-
          trol is now moving forward steadily under the rule of laws. Under the leadership of the Chinese
          Party Central Committee, the functional department at all levels of the people’s congresses and
          the political and legal systems try to perform their duties best and fulfi l their responsibilities, ef-
          fectively cooperating respond to the joint prevention and control mechanism, deploying epidemic
          prevention and control measures, all of which provide a solid legal guarantee of winning the epi-
          demic prevention and control war.
          During this period, some unsatisfactory aspects were also exposed. Some decrees were passed
          across the red line, some governance standards trampled the boundaries, and some law enforce-
          ment measures exceeded the bottom line.
          Past experience guide for the future”. As far as the construction of the rule of law is concerned,
          the epidemic is a refl ection of self-examination and an opportunity to investigate and fi ll in vacan-

          Zhumadian: A sample of a third-tier city’s “anti-epidemic”
          With the exception of Hubei province, there are 26 cities (excluding municipalities) with a total
          number of hundreds infecting confi rmed patients in nationwide. The cure rate of Zhumadian City
          locating in Henan Province has been always in the lead. It has achieved earliest no confi rmed
          cases,no deaths and no medical staff infections in nationwide.

          “Fast and Wise” Transformation of Chinese Famous Enterprises
          It has disrupted the normal life of Chinese people by the sudden outbreak of the epidemic, and
          almost all kinds of enterprises involved in national economy and people’s livelihood have been
          shut down. Facing with the heavy losses, the supporting policies have been issued continuously
          throughout the country. Meanwhile many enterprises have turned the crisis into opportunities by
          breakthrough diffi culties and exploring ways of development in such a special hard time.

          The “downwind” taxi meets the “headwind” in this spring
          On 6th March, the Deputy Minister of Transport Liu Xiaoming said at a press conference held by
          the State Council ’s Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism that in February, the number of taxis
          (including online car rental) order quantities and transportation volume fell by 85%.
          The Ministry of Transport has begun to deal with the reduction of taxi “member money” tem-
          porarily in various places in early March. However the online car rental including the down-
          wind taxi companies have not introduced any related reducing policies. In the spring when
          the number of orders has fallen sharply and the travel market has suffered from a huge set-
          back, if the management fee is reduced or waived, the operation of car rental platforms will
          be even more difficult.
          In any case, in the fi rst quarter of 2020, the outlook of the downwind market is not that optimistic.
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